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Tidel’s revolutionary Sentinel™ Cash Management System has set the standard for cash control while interfacing with POS devices and many other peripherals such as cash recyclers and bill validators. The Sentinel BCD builds on this by offering bulk coin dispensing in any quantity. Coins are dispensed into individual cups.

Courier time spent in-store is dramatically reduced through a convenient loading system that accepts loose coins. The coin dispensing system can then dispense variable amounts of presorted coins at the touch of a button. Each coin is counted and accounted for by individual cashiers using the PIN based touchscreen system.

Sentinel BCD was designed around a scalable software architecture written in Windows CE running on a state-of-the-art Xscale processor. The software’s modular design allows for custom applications and reports and can be expanded to accommodate peripherals such as additional bill validators and cash recycling products. The Sentinel BCD will push or pull data over a standard network to a local LAN or central datacenter. This is also ideal for downloading software updates to your entire network of Sentinels. Contact us today to learn how Sentinel BCD can meet your Cash Management needs.

Robbery Deterrent
Internal Shrink Controls
Retail PIN Cash Control
PIN Bill Acceptors
Safe Receipt Storage
Cash Dispensing
Safe Reserve Storage
Replenish Cash for Register (POS)

12 Months Parts and 90 Days Labor (USA/Canada)
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  • Handles bulk change dispensed in custom defined intervals and amounts

  • Can be configured to dispense multiple predetermined start of shift change funds

  • Up to 8 coin hoppers which will hold 2600 (25¢), 6000 (10¢), 3800 (5¢) and 5000 (1¢)

  • 3 separate time-delayed vaults for manual drops, bill validator cassette security and auxiliary storage

  • Touchscreen for Personal Identification Number (PIN) and Data Key system allows managed access to functions and reports

  • Sidecar module(s) that can be detached and expanded to support multiple workstations with bill validators or cash recyclers

  •  Designed to integrate with POS, back office PC, or remote location systems via a network connection

  •   Optional courier data key that allows instant access to vaults and are capable of carrying electronic reports for uploading at a central location

  •  Optional integrated or external thermal printer


  • All transactions, deposits, drops and vault access can be tracked back to an individual user through the use of PINs
  • Managers can easily add, modify and delete clerk access through the touchscreen interface
  • Advanced accounting features that allow for a variety of reports including vault drops, bill insertions, courier pickups, transactions, shift reports and daily summaries
  • Storage for up to 48,000 financial and security-related transactions to better facilitate auditing
  • Easily upgraded via a network download to facilitate a global software upgrade. Can also be upgraded locally via a flash memory card
  • Report information can be downloaded remotely via network connection
  • Setup information can be managed remotely via network connection



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Weight: 510 lbs.

Cabinet Size: Height: 30.75 " x Width: 33 " x Depth: 20" (25" including control panel)

Power Requirements:
110V AC or 220V 50 cycle.

Frequency: 50-60 Hertz, 3 wire - single phase

Power Connections:
The Sentinel BCD must be connected to an isolated power circuit or Tidel approved surge suppressor. An isolated circuit must consist of a LEAD, NEUTRAL and GROUND, connected directly to the power distribution panel and cannot share the same conduit as other equipment. The socket/outlet should be installed near the equipment and should be easily accessible.



Sentinel BCD Brochure