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The Sentinel SCD was designed for the customer who deals in high volume cash and puts a premium on the security of their bills. The two high capacity bill validators are controlled through a PIN based touchscreen interface that accounts for every cash deposit made.

Reports provide a comprehensive summary of system activity, making it easier for clerks to close out their shift, managers to run end-of-day reports and couriers to get in and out of the location quicker.

Customers who already take advantage of the time-delayed benefits of the Timed Access Cash Control (TACC) products by Tidel will find the Sentinel SCD a natural compliment to validate and count bills which reduces error and saves time and money.


Robbery Deterrent
Internal Shrink Controls
Retail PIN Cash Control
PIN Bill Acceptors

12 Months Parts and 90 Days Labor (USA/Canada)
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  •  2 separate time-delayed vaults for bill validator cassette and auxiliary storage security
  • 2 bill validators with high capacity cassettes
  • Personal Identification Number (PIN) and Data Key system allows managed access to functions and reports
  • Designed to integrate with POS, back office PC, or remote location systems via a network connection
  • Optional courier data key that allows instant access to vaults
  • RoHS Lead-Free Compliant


  • All transactions, deposits, drops and vault access can be tracked back to an individual user through the use of PINs
  • Managers can easily add, modify and delete clerk access through the touchscreen interface
  • Advanced accounting features that allow for a variety of reports including vault drops, bill insertions, courier pickups, transactions, shift reports and daily summaries
  • Storage for up to 48,000 financial and security-related transactions to better facilitate auditing
  • Easily upgraded via a network download to facilitate a global software upgrade. Can also be upgraded locally via a flash memory card



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Weight: 195 lbs.

Cabinet Size: Height: 30.75 " x Width: 12 " x Depth: 16"

Power Requirements:
110V AC or 220V 50 cycle.

Frequency: 50-60 Hertz, 3 wire - single phase

Power Connections:
The Sentinel SCD must be connected to an isolated power circuit or Tidel approved surge suppressor. An isolated circuit must consist of a LEAD, NEUTRAL and GROUND, connected directly to the power distribution panel and cannot share the same conduit as other equipment. The socket/outlet should be installed near the equipment and should be easily accessible.



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